Monday, March 12, 2007

Thursday, March 8, 2007

the male toilets

Here is an example of an archive put into context

Here is a selection of photographs of female sculptures an signs to show that the toilets are the females. It is a collection of images put in to context as a design for imagary for the toilets the same slyle was done for the males toilets. This photgraph was taken in the met quarter hopping center in liverpool .

picture of archive put in to context

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Why Archives

Why this interest’s me. Most people have collections of some sort that is fascinating to them weather they realise they do it our not.
I am fascinated with what fascinates others and why different things intrigue people.
This research project will take up a lot of my time so I have chosen a subject that will keep me interested in this project. I have also the past two years been collecting my own archive of peoples beliefs you could say this is an archive within an archive.

apply collections to contxt

I will look at personal resource in any medium from any source, perspectives on meaning and interpretation to apply collections to context with a point of view and explore context as a boundary of meaning.
I will show how simulating awareness of the creative potential of the world around us can form archive, which can be brought into a graphic context
(Such as the camper shoes campaign.)

Amelie (the flim)

In ‘Amelie’ the film directed by Jeunet you could observe a serious of characters defined (or at least better illustrated) by their collections/taxonomy.
Amelie herself finds an archive left behind in her flat by a small boy; the other main character collects torn up passports photos and photos footprints in wet cement: a girl from the cafĂ© collects proverbs (and judges others on their own knowledge of them). The film starts by listing the characters’ likes and dislikes.